Veterans in the Real Estate and Memorial Industry
In 2005, Caelum Developers, Inc. and in 2011, Ascension PhilDevelopers, Inc were formed in order to address the growing need for an alternative memorial option that was practical and cost-effective. With a vision to be the most modern, innovative and preferred columbary and memorial chapels in the country, the experienced team made up of distinguished and reputable financial and real estate professionals, created The Ascension Columbary and Chapels.  Uniquely positioned as a complete memorial service expert, capable of accommodating the entire memorial process, we began with the mission to be set apart from the existing competition in the memorial industry.

The Ascension Columbary and Chapels has its own crematorium, selection of chapels and columbary, therefore making it possible for every stage from cremation, commemoration to columbary repose to take place in one facility rather than in various locations. Through this convenient set-up, we help take the burden off the bereaved family so that they can focus on what really matters: to remember and celebrate the life of their loved one.
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