Aerial Perspective Chapel1 Chapel2 Chapel3
Chapel4 location Stie Plan AMC-right side perspective b
ASC-front perspective-day with logo Night view
Chapel5 Chapel6 Chapel7 Chapel8
Chapel9 coffin9
The Ascension Chapels Ground Breaking
Ground Breaking1 Ground Breaking2 Ground Breaking3 Ground Breaking4 Ground Breaking5
Ground Breaking6 Ground Breaking7 Ground Breaking8 Ground Breaking9 Ground Breaking10
Ground Breaking11 Ground Breaking12 Ground Breaking13 Ground Breaking14 Ground Breaking15
Ground Breaking16 Ground Breaking17 Ground Breaking18 Ground Breaking19 Ground Breaking20
Ground Breaking21 Ground Breaking22 Ground Breaking23 Ground Breaking24
garden chapel-b premium-b standard combined-b standard single-b
1 2 3
Ascension Phildevelopers, Inc. and Mekeni Food Corporation  Investors’ Signing Agreement at the Manila Polo Club 19 December 2011
Ascension Phildevelopers, Inc. and G&W Architects Contract Signing for the Design of the Ascension Chapels 10 February 2012
G&W Architects’ Design Presentation  of the Ascension Chapels to the Stockholders Old Vine Restaurant, Taguig City 09 March 2012
6 7
4 5
Ascension Phildevelopers, Inc. Barangay Consultation for the Construction of the Ascension Chapels Barangay Doña Imelda, Quezon City 25 January and 04 February 2012
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