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Derived from columba, Latin for dove, columbaries were originally inspired by compartmentalized boxes for doves and pigeons in medieval times. Today, it is a Church-sanctioned and affordable burial option vis--vis expensive memorial plots that tend to be overcrowded and a fair distance from the city.

And with that, The Ascension Columbary is proving to be the answer with more and more people shifting paradigms and accepting the columbary as a burial option. In addition, it has become patently clear that environmentally, cremation and columbary storage are simply cleaner ways to go.

With an accessible and spacious columbary, anyone can visit without having to venture outside the city or fight for space in crowded memorial plots during busy occasions such as All Soul's Day.

Designed by world renowned RMJM Architects, the Ascension Columbary established it's presence in the urban skyline with an eye-catching dome-like structure patterned after a bishop's miter. The Ascension Columbary aims to be a final resting place for your nearest and dearest - a fitting and solemn tribute to their everlasting legacy.
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