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The Ascension Columbary is where all our vaults are housed, falling under four categories: Standard, Deluxe, Premium and Super Premium. Premium vaults are situated on the 3rd floor as you exit the elevator, while Super Premium vaults are towards the end overlooking the 2nd floor altar. Deluxe and Standard vaults are situated in the center and either side of The Columbary’s 4th floor respectively, with a small section of Super Premium in the opposite side. All vaults on the 5th floor are Super Premium and benefit from natural light shining through the stained glass ceiling.

We strongly recommend an ocular inspection when choosing the right memorial vault as rates are also dependent on which row you opt for. Level D and E are priced higher than others since they are positioned at eye-level for the average Filipino.

Each aluminum vault is 12” x 12” x 20”, can accommodate up to four 9” x 5.5” urns and features a lockable inner glass cover while the outer part offers added security with a granite cover for your added peace of mind.

No matter which section you choose, you can rest assured that each memorial vault is made from the most durable materials that will not wither with time and offer unrivalled security and protection for many generations to come.
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